Tips on Colour Matching Foundation

Okay, so let’s dive right in and talk colour matching. First things first, do not walk in somewhere with foundation on and expect that someone is going to be able to colour match you. You need a bare face and you need some time to properly experiment with a few different shades and formulas to … [Read more…]


I have to admit, I used to spend at least an hour and a half getting ready for any type of party. As a make up artist and makeup lover I have a hard time not perfecting every step of the process, it’s just the way I am. However, Fast forward to July 2017 when … [Read more…]

Friday Faves – Skin Care Edition

This week I’m sharing some products to help start the year off right. By now most of you will have your New Years resolutions set or maybe you’re like me and don’t do resolutions, but lean more towards making small changes. Whatever it is that you’re doing this year you should definitely make it a … [Read more…]

Friday Faves

So, I’ve decided I’m going to do Friday faves every second Friday. I’ll be filling you in on current fave beauty products that I’ve come across and love. As someone who “sadly” (as my husband would say) has a make up addiction and is constantly buying new products for my kit and is also subscribed … [Read more…]

Junior Foxes Ring Sling Review

  As a new mom I’ve been inundated with information from other moms on the do’s and don’t’ of motherhood and given lists of useful vs useless products. One thing I’ve been told is an absolute must is baby wearing. It’s gained in popularity over the past few years and is supposed to have lots of … [Read more…]

8 summer must haves

Hey Babes, I have to admit I meant to get this post out a LONG TIME AGO, however, I had a baby who is currently four weeks old and he’s been taking up any and all free time to blog.  I’m actually rocking him in my chair right now(total mom move), but thought what the … [Read more…]