Bite Beauty Lip Lab girls day – Toronto

Earlier this week my beautiful sister in law,  Mary-Kate came to my house with a stellar surprise for my birthday, a visit to Bite Beauty Lab to create our own custom lipsticks! Yaaassssss.

Mary Kate and I are both huge beauty fanatics and make up artists, so this has been something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now and I’m so happy we did.

The lab is located in a super cool area down on Queen Street West, so naturally we stopped at a trendy little coffee shop to grab a drink before heading into make our lipsticks(go to jimmys coffee and try the GOTH latte, it’s to die for).

Our appointment started at noon and that’s exactly when we showed up. It was super easy to find the place and when we walked in the space was much larger then I had expected. We were immediately drawn over to the wall display filled with lip colours and began chatting about what colour we wanted to create.

The lab is set up like a nail bar or drink bar actually. It’s got stools on one side(really, really comfy stools) and on the other you’re being served by a bite beauty artist. We sat down and were greeted by a nice young lady named Christina who asked us to take our lipstick off and apply some of their lip scrub(fruit scrub-whipped cherry exfoliant). After rubbing that in and letting it sit for a minute we wiped it off and were instructed to apply the agave lip mask to hydrate the lips followed by some line and define lip liner and with that we were ready to start on our customs. We explained to the artist what colours we were interested in creating, for me  a plumy, red wine, sort of colour and Mary-Kate wanted a nude…more on the brown side.

At this point I was expecting to have some hands on involvement, but the lab artist started grabbing colours and mixing for us, so we intently watched and silently critiqued what she was doing. She mixed a few colours for us and we tried each one on to decipher what adjustments we wanted before deciding on a final colour….we each tried four different shades before actually deciding. I’m sure you could try as many variations of a colour that you want, we just stopped at four as to not seem like a couple of bougie bitches(sips charcoal, maple, soy latte with a shot of espresso, lots of foam, finished with a heart). What?

Moving on, we decided on our colours and got into deciding what scents we wanted. They had several different options(mint, citrus mango, coconut, vanilla, lime, etc). MK chose citrus mango and I mixed both vanilla and coconut and was surprised when it came out smelling very similar to the MAC lipsticks which I was happy with because I love the smell of that shit.

Next, our lab artist melted the lipsticks down, poured them into moulds, chilled them on this neat little frozen flat top and then grabbed a lipstick tube and pushed it onto the lipstick and voila ….our custom colour Lippie was in our hands.

The experience was pretty cool. I loved doing it with my sister in law and Christina was really easy going and cool. All in all we were only there for approx an hour.

I wish they would somehow involve the customers in the actual making of the lip colours, but I can accept that that’s not how they do it and would still recommend you go check it out and have some fun with it! I loved doing it and am really happy with my custom shade.

Although my sister in law took care of the appointment(what a sweetheart), I know the cost of the the experience was 55.00 per person, so it’s pretty reasonable and I think it’s worth the play dough. I would definitely do it again, it’s fun, it’s a cool experience and best of all it was awesome spending that time with my sis doing something we both love.

If you hit up Toronto, are interested in making your own shade of lipstick and have a free hour I would suggest checking this out!

Thanks for the day out Mary-Kate. Xoxo

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