Friday Faves – Skin Care Edition

This week I’m sharing some products to help start the year off right. By now most of you will have your New Years resolutions set or maybe you’re like me and don’t do resolutions, but lean more towards making small changes. Whatever it is that you’re doing this year you should definitely make it a priority to find a good skin care routine.

Trust me, having the right products for your skin can make you look more youthful (Give. It. To. Me), brighten and tighten your skin and ultimately make you more confident. For me, having good skin is so important. I mean, we all have those days, maybe even weeks when our skin hates us and breaks out like a pubescent teen, but for the most part a good skin care routine can help in keeping you clear of breakouts, rashes and other problems that can arise from constantly testing new products.

Here’s my Friday Faves – Skin Care Edition

1. Philosophy – Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser. I’v been using this stuff for two years straight every single morning and night. It’s pretty much the only cleanser I use to wash my face and it takes off ALL my makeup.

2. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water – I am obsessed with this stuff. I can’t go a day without it and use it even when I don’t have make up on just to get rid of any dirt or residue hanging around on my face due to environmental factors.

3. Neo Strata Skin Resurfacing Duo – I’ve only recently come across this duo and I’m so happy I did. I’ve tried a few different types of Microdermabrasion treatments, but this one is by far the best. My skin is pretty sensitive and the micro beads in this scrub along with the activator make my skin soft, clean and fresh. It leaves no dry patches and doesn’t dehydrate my skin (ya girl).

4. Neutrogena Hydra boost Gel Cream – I love this product. It’s got Hyaluronic acid (which helps in skin tissue repair, yes please), so that’s a huge plus. I suffer from dry skin, I always have, but this gel serum has immensely helped battle the usual dryness I combat in the winter months.   This is a product I also use twice a day and will continue to buy for years to come. It does exactly what the name suggests and gives your skin a boost of hydration.

5. Philosophy – Renewed Hope in a jar. I’v talked about this stuff before and I’ll continue to rave about it until I dieeee bitch. This is the only cream you’ll ever need. It softens the skin, hydrates, refreshes, refines, does your dishes, haha I’m just kiddinggggg, but it literally does everything you could want a face cream to do. Trust me when I say spend the dough and grab yourself one of these babies.

6. Sephora Honey lip scrub – I’m sure there’s better lip scrubs out there, but I love that this one comes in a stick and is easy to use. I try and use it a few times a week in the winter and it really does make a difference in keeping my lips from cracking and peeling.

7. Bite beauty agave lip mask – Okay, so this is another product I absolutely love. I use this a few times a day and also use it on clients with chapped lips before applying any type of lip colour. It’s thick, but it feels amazing and does a great job of bringing  moisture back into the lips when they’ve dried out.

That’s it for this weeks faves. If you have any amazing products you want to share with me don’t hold out girl, mama loves some skin care goodies.



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