Intro to Tiffany In Toronto

Hey guys,

I’m finally writing my first blog post.

Queen West back alley of Zen Zoo

I’ve always been one of those people who’s had a million things running through my head at all times of the day and night, ultimately everything beauty and style related. I often (like every damn night) keep myself awake running through different makeup looks I can create, thinking of how to style my wardrobe or what T.O. hot spot is next on my list to check out.

I’ve been my own boss and entrepreneur in Toronto for the past six years, after leaving the office life (which was the BEST DECISION EVER). My husband who was an electrician joined me in 2015 on a venture to work for ourselves and create a life to love.  We have never looked back and couldn’t be happier with where we are today.

My(hella handsome) Husband Jamie and I at our fav pizza joint in the city, Maker Pizza. Hands down the absolute best pizza around.

We have an awesome little place in midtown Toronto, run a few businesses together, have two adorable dogs and one fat ass cat and I’m 4 and a half months pregnant, so things are pretty amazing.  However, if I didn’t find an outlet for all things beauty, baby and style my husband was going to kill me.  I’m not sure he could stand another conversation about accomplishing the perfect dewy skin, swatching all my lipsticks or deciphering which of my 30 black eyeliners is blackest.

My most loved pallet(modern renaissance) by the amazing and talented Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ll be doing a review and makeup look with this pallet in a few short posts, stay tuned.

With my need to express my creativity at its highest I couldn’t be more excited for a passion project, so here we are, Tiffany In Toronto ~ Beauty and Lifestyle Blog.

I’ll be chatting about all things beauty, food, baby and of course lifestyle.  I’ll take you along my romps through the streets of Toronto, share my + size fashion finds and touch on life with pets.

Out for dinner at Lisa Marie(gastropub) at 638 Queen Street West. This Carne Asada is the BOMB. You have to check this place out if you haven’t yet.

If your reading this, thanks for checking me out.  I can’t wait to start sharing this journey with you.


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