Junior Foxes Ring Sling Review


As a new mom I’ve been inundated with information from other moms on the do’s and don’t’ of motherhood and given lists of useful vs useless products.

One thing I’ve been told is an absolute must is baby wearing. It’s gained in popularity over the past few years and is supposed to have lots of benefits such as creating stronger bonds between mom and baby and reducing the amount of crying and fussiness in infants. It’s also a way to be hands free while walking with the baby which is awesome because that gives me a hand to hold my iced caramel macchiato, so I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a try. My only issue…finding the right carrier.

I’ve read a lot about ring slings and was all like “meh, probably not for me”, but when I won a contest on Instagram a few weeks ago held by Junior Foxes (@juniorfoxes) I went ahead and ordered the Raleigh Ring Sling (retails for $119.00)  and received it earlier this week. This thing has been a game changer, read on to find out why.

In a few simple words ill say, this thing is awesome. I mean, I’ve tried out other carriers, but they’ve all been bulky, complicated and really difficult to get baby Jett in and out of especially when I’m on my own. They seem to all have snaps and hooks and ties and shit too. Like, you I’m sorry I can’t snap the clips together in the middle of my back while making sure my baby doesn’t slip out of this carrier (who’s the genius that thought of that one?). I’m also a curvy woman and have had a really hard time finding something that actually fits around my waist properly not to mention my boobs (apparently new moms are all skinny and have no boobs?????).

So, I received my ring Sling in the mail and it came in this tiny little package all cute and lovely and is super small… like, fit in your purse or diaper bag small (mom win). I was pretty intrigued, so I immediately went onto their website to watch the ‘how to’ video which was very straight forward.

How to use the ring Sling, you ask? To sum it up, you sling it over your shoulder, slide the end through the rings, do a few adjustments and it’s all set to use. My attention span is that of a two year old, so I watched the video twice to make sure I was actually doing it right. The first time I went to put the baby in it I told my husband I wanted to do it by myself and by the time he could say “good luck figuring that out” I had the baby in and was tightening him to the right comfort level. It literally takes a few seconds once you have it set up. The first thing I noticed besides ease of use was how comfy it was. I’ve had sciatica ever since I had the baby and usually dread carrying Jett around by carrier because it kills my back, but this thing is so easy and snug. It fits right to my body and I don’t feel like I’m carrying around any extra weight.

The tail of the ring Sling is the perfect length and for once I don’t feel like I’m smothering my baby while carrying him around. Unlike other carriers it’s snug as a bug while feeling breathable and airy. My son is ten weeks old and has the neck strength of The Hulk, but he still gets a little wobbly once and a while, so the carrier allows for him to keep his head up, but is also tight enough to support his sporadic  bobble head.

Ive only had the Ring Sling for a few days, but I’ve already used it around the house, going for walks with the dogs, to get groceries and would happily give this thing a 99% rating so far. Not only is it functional, easy to use and stylish, it’s 100% linen and handmade in Canada. Whhhaaaatttt???

I’m officially obsessed and will definitely be recommending these to all my friends and followers. I’ll also be ordering more prints, they offer fun patterns like The Palms and The Flamingos which are super cute.

Run and get one right now, you won’t regret it one bit, I promise. Thanks Foxes for creating this amazing carrier, we’ll be customers for life.


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