The BEST Midtown Italian

WOW, Just WOW. I don’t know how as huge foodies in this city my husband and I only just discovered the absolutely delectable, BALSAMICO.  No joke guys, it’s literally the best Italian place we’ve eaten at and we’ve sourced out and eaten at our fair share of both casual and fine dining Italian restaurants around the city.

So, a few weeks back my pregnancy cravings kicked in and I needed a pizza stat. We were at our local fruit market on young when the craving came on…and it came on strong.  Although we’ve seen BALSAMICO driving and walking by several times in our 7 years of living in the area, we’ve never actually ventured in to check it out (which I now regret).  Seeing as BALSAMICO is a few doors down from the fruit market we decided to stop in and crush the pizza craving….and HOT DAMN did it crush it.  I ordered a takeout Soppresetta Pizza from the most wonderful server at the bar. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch her name, but she is full of life, energy and positive vibes.  She is the type of person who instantly made us want to return for a sit down meal…and we soon did.  We took the pizza home, devoured it in a hot minute and made plans to get back there within a few weeks.

Now, this does happen often and a lot of times you’ll go back to get a different server who’s lack of interest and poor service can completely diminish enthusiasm to return and make you wonder why you ever did in the first place. However, to our delight we were greeted with warm smiles and another friendly server named Josh (he was fantastic).

We sat down and had service right away (always a bonus in our books).  We ordered some drinks along with the Brozetto Di Cozze (Mussels in a white wine tomato sauce served with grilled house made bread 15.00)  and waited only minutes before we were well into eating our incredibly satisfying appetizer.

Our mains were ordered, Josh continued to be attentive to our table and we sat there wondering why the hell we’d never been here before.  Our mains came out in record time and before we knew it we were finishing up a full plate of Spaghetti Con Gamberi (Artisan Pasta w/blk tiger shrimp, roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula in a white wine lemon sauce 21.00) and the delicious Soppressata Pizza (Tomato sauce, Fior Di Latte, spicy salame, mushrooms and red peppers 17.00).

Even though I couldn’t fit another thing in my belly I had overheard a conversation at the next table about how heavenly the cheese cake was, so we obviously couldn’t leave without one and thank the gods we didn’t. We brought it home, had a few bites and stared at each other while slowly savoring every bite of the best cheese cake we’ve ever had.

We spent a total of just over an hour at the restaurant and had such a fabulous time.  The food is fresh, cooked to perfection and made with love.  It is evident that this restaurant is one that should be written up in multiple publications. The atmosphere, service and insatiable food is among the best we’ve experienced in the city.  Not only will we be back, we will be raving about this place everywhere we go, have made it our new go to spot for date night and will be bringing all our friends and family here for every occasion.

Keep it up BALSAMICO.


    • Tiffany

      Thanks, Louisa. I’ll have to collab with you for a reading or Reiki healing. Let’s make a date and do it, so I can tell everyone how incredible you are. XO

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