The first 8 Weeks with baby Jett

Today Jett turns 8 weeks old and I wanted to share a bit of what it’s been like as new parents in our house.

I posted an insta pic a few days ago(@tiffanyintoronto) and wrote a bit about how being a new mom hasn’t been as difficult as I though it was going to be, how everyone had made me believe it would be. To be honest, I was expecting to be a complete decrepit zombie living with a colicky baby in a ¬†catastrophically disorganized apartment. I thought I’d be run down, covered in poop and spit up with greasy hair and bags the size of Texas under my eyes. I was prepared to not have time to eat, do laundry or apply Chapstick never mind do my makeup. I literally thought it would be Armageddon and prepared myself for the worst. I thought it would be like that because of the horror stories everyone was compelled to share with me before my baby came, I literally had sleepless nights over it.

I’m so happy to say that although I do have bags under my eyes and am constantly wiping spit up from my clothes, I still am able to shower regularly, am able to clean my house on a daily basis, have time to make myself meals, can get out for daily walks and most importantly am not going insane due to a colicky, poop covered baby. We’ve been out with friends, go to restaurants and we even still have a Sex life and from what I’ve heard that doesn’t always happen(woot woot for us).

I know most of you are thinking to yourself (that bitch), but I’m not trying to take away from how difficult it can be, I think it’s simply that we lucked out with a good baby and I’m very verrrrryyyyyyy thankful for that.

Life hasn’t been perfect either, I definitely have my hard days. Life as a new mom takes some major getting used to. I’ve second guessed myself a million times already and have not figured out how to calm my baby properly. I’ve had to run on 1 hour of sleep and turned into a psychopath because of it and I get super frustrated when he won’t sleep and gets himself over tired. I didn’t know how to make a proper bottle when we got home and don’t even get me started on breast feeding(that’s a real bitch and the struggle is so so real).

We’ve been to the doctors like 6 times in eight weeks and found out that Jett needs an ultra sound at sick kids for his belly button and one of his testicles(I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for that appointment).

Aside from all that stuff everything else has been pretty great. I love waking up to my little dude smiling at me and I love giving him a thousand kisses before laying him to bed in his bassinet every night. I love feeding him while staring at his angelic Lil face, have mastered burping when he doesn’t fall asleep while doing it(he gets that from his dad, can sleep anywhere, anytime). Our days are filled with feedings, burping, diaper changes and staring contests. I’ve just started drinking coffee to be able to enjoy all of the little moments and already feel like he is growing way too fast.

All in all, things are pretty good around here. My husband and I have been adjusting well and are trying to share in all the duties that come along with having a newborn. I do miss being able to walk out of the house in five mins(it takes us at least a half hour to get out now) and I miss sleeping for eight hours at a time, but I would go a thousand nights with no sleep for my little babe and am happy to give every second of my life dedicated to him right now.

There’s a lot of things that have contributed to this being such a good transition into parenthood(such as help from my sister in law and mother in law, the halo bassinest and the dock a tot), but that’s a whole other post.

We’re head over heels in love and everyday with him brings us more joy and happiness then I ever could have thought possible. We are grateful for our beautiful baby boy and will take these days one at a time because before we know it we’ll be in the terrible two’s stage and if he’s anything like I was at that age it’s going to be a very trying time for us.


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