Tips on Colour Matching Foundation

Wearing Nars Natural Radiant Long Wear

Okay, so let’s dive right in and talk colour matching. First things first, do not walk in somewhere with foundation on and expect that someone is going to be able to colour match you. You need a bare face and you need some time to properly experiment with a few different shades and formulas to be able to properly match the colour of your skin. If you absolutely can not go bare faced then at least leave your neck free of any makeup and use it as a test area (just below your jaw).

Before we move forward I have to ask, do you know your skin tone? If you do, CONGRATS that’s awesome because a lot of people don’t and its really important to know your skin tone if your going to wear foundation and colour match correctly. Here’s a simple guide for you to follow.

  • Warm undertones: people who fall in this category have a more yellow or golden tone. If you look at your wrist your veins are probably green(ish). Cool undertones: if you fall here you are more pink or beige skin tone and your veins are more blue. Olive undertones: people who fall in this category have more of a brownish green undertone and you have a mix of greenish blue veins. So, this is a very simple way to distinguish your skin tone and choose your most matched shade.
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When planning to go shopping for foundation try and shop somewhere that you have lots of variety and maybe some help would be nice too (So basically, Sephora). If you’re currently shopping at Rexall or Shoppers Drug Mart you’ve probably been wearing your tried, tested and true foundation from high school ( I was guilty of this for so sooo long). I wouldn’t normally be mad about that either because now a days there’s some great drug store formulas, but this post is to help you find your best shade and to be honest there’s still a lot of drug store foundations that have a lot of filler which can lead to the foundation oxidizing on your face and that’s never good. You’ll end up a different shade then intended ( It’s like having an orange tan, CRINGE)! So, for the love of not looking like an oompa loompa just go somewhere that has variety, lots of testers, good lighting and someone to assist in helping you navigate your way through the world of foundations. Also, don’t be afraid to splurge on your foundation. In fact, if there’s one thing in your entire makeup routine that I would encourage you to splurge on, it would be foundation.

Wearing Glossier Stretch Concealer

Now that you have a bare face, get the gist of undertones and know where to shop we can chat about how to apply the foundations. Sometimes Sephora provides little sponge applicators and those are fine, but you can also use your finger as a great tool to apply the foundation. Either way, you can just put some foundation on the back of your hand, tap the sponge or tip of your finger in the foundation picking up just enough to test a small space under your jaw bone. Using tapping motions blend the foundation in until it looks like your skin. If the first shade doesn’t match move onto another one until you find the perfect one.

Wearing The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I hope this was helpful for you guys. leave me a comment with the foundation you currently use and what you love about it.

Here’s some of my absolute faves at the moment.

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover stick

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

Glossier Stretch Concealer as foundation

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Ciao, Bellas.

XO Tiff

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